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Wet/Dry Bars and Wine Cellars

Custom Wet/Dry Bars and Wine Cellars

Whether you are an avid event planner, frequent party host, or wine connoisseur, it is about time you decided to take your skills and social savvy to the next level by purchasing a Wet/Dry Bar or Wine Cellar for your home. Beyond just increasing your home’s overall resale value, investing in one of these magnificent home projects, could mean that you have guaranteed a lifetime full of delicious wine and other drinks. Who doesn’t want that? At All Surface Experts, we have several decades worth of professional experience in this industry and want to ensure you know just what to look for when making such important purchases.

Wine Cellar Design and Construction

We have trained interior designers and partner with several well-qualified installation specialists who are ready and willing to help you


The average consumer is often unaware of the immense variety of designs available to them when starting this level of project. First, consider the type of storage design you would prefer: tall/thin wine columns, modular wine racks, triangular bottle holders, etc. Taking this first step requires that you know, on average, how many bottles of wine you typically own at any given time. Scale your design accordingly!


Second, determine whether you want to add a chilled option to your wine or whether you can afford to skip over that luxury due to having your wine cellar in a portion of your home that stays consistently cool. If you were not already aware, wine should be kept at a cool 57 degrees so it can be savored many years later when you decide to open it for just the right occasion.


And third, consider the construction of the overall room! The design aesthetic extends beyond a simple wine rack and should be complemented by the room in which it is placed. This includes making sure the temperature in the room is well-regulated and walls appropriately insulated. Also, don’t forget to consider the simpler items such as wood type and finishes.

Wet/Dry Bar Design and Construction

Now that you have given a lot of thought to installing a wine cellar, consider how you will entertain all of your guests who will obviously be coming over to check it out! When designing a wet/dry bar, we recommend you consider the following:

Temporary Refrigeration

While your wine may stay a cool 57 degrees in the cellar, once it is brought to the bar, you may want to consider additional refrigeration. This will help you ensure a cold beverage is always served to your guests when they want one.


Whether it is for you or the guests, consider installing a television, sound system or other type of entertainment near your bar. People need to have something to do while they are heading to the next social activity.


Yes, wet/dry bars get dirty! Consider installing a sink to help wash the inevitable dirty glass!

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