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Selection of hardware & accessories

The rooms within your home would be bland and boring without the spice and design flare accessories bring into the mix. Whether it is your most recent bathroom or kitchen that needs these additional touch-ups, Cabinet’s Plus offers a wide variety of hardware and accessories for you to select from. These accessories can be made to fit both traditional and contemporary designs so there is no need to compromise your overall vision!

Check out our most popular accessories below:


Stainless Tilt-Out Trays

If you are tired of seeing your sponge sitting at the bottom of your sink or your soap bottles leaving a stain near your knobs, invest in a stainless tilt-out tray. You can store these items out of sight to quickly tidy up your kitchen!


Pantry Storage

With larger families, it is quite common to run out of space for food storage unless you have an additional cabinet or two to store additional food items. With this accessory, you can store much more and even make each drawer within a pullout!


Base Wastebasket

Cleaning up after meals is made significantly easier when the wastebasket you need to throw items away is right next to you. Simply place your trash inside, close the drawer, and throw out the garbage the next time it reaches the top!


Spice Drawer Insert

Ahh the spices! No kitchen is complete without a spice drawer. Easily pulled out and commonly located next to your stove top, a spice drawer makes life easy for the aspiring chef in your life!


Pots and Pans Organizer

This kitchen accessory is a real timesaver if you have ever struggled searching for the pan you need only to find out it was under 10 others. With this feature, you can scaffold your pots and pans then easily pull out only the drawer you need to find the pot or pan you want!


Sink Base Multi-Storage

Make the most of your sink's cabinet space, with door storage units and shelf kit. Door units feature removable plastic trays for easy cleaning.